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September 11, 2008, 2:14 pm
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Art Basel Geneva by Lukas Mettler (CH) and Cris Faria (BR)

Art Basel Geneva, (Belgrade edition) by Lukas Mettler (CH) and Cris Faria (BR)

Art Basel Geneva is a dislocation or hijacking of one of the most prestigious contemporary art fair in Europe. Why would anyone fake an event like “the Olympics of the art world“? Maybe because these high masses of of the commercial Artworld, have left little ground for artistic expression, in favor of an economic contest of commodities and brand names? Click below to find out more:

Inspired by Art Basel, the most prestigious art fair both in Switzerland and abroad (along with its twincounterpart Art Basel Miami Beach, USA), the first edition of Art Basel Geneva took place in Geneva in June 2005, simultaneously with the famous art fair in Basel. Using the official Art Basel corporate identity, the artists produced a wallpainting of the Art Basel Geneva logotype (the only work on display) and turned the exibition hall into a foggy environment full of artificially produced smoke. The information about the event was submitted to all the Art Basel member-galleries, invited to attend the opening.

The idea about the project emerged as a reaction towards the Institution of Art Fairs and their continuous worldwide expansion. The project focuses on intersections between financial and institutional extensions, the «prosthetic» character of global art production, and relations inherent to the business environment of contemporary art worlds where art, money, and power are brought together.
With an intention to reflect the current situation behind such a relationship, while creating an art event pertaining to the logic of new market economy and its rules, Art Basel Geneva converts a business event into a social spectacle, where the glamourous atmoshere, dilemmas and paradoxes of a cloudy art world are faced by a single message on the wall, a comment and modest inversion of meaning. Art Basel Geneva Belgrade is the second edition of Art Basel Geneva, realized in August 2006 at O3ONE Gallery in Belgrade (Serbia).

by Marko Stamenkovic

Art Basel Geneva is an on-going art project by Lukas Mettler (CH) and Cris Faria (BR), both living and working in Geneva, Switzerland.


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