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October 6, 2008, 7:37 pm
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Some other texts I came by:
An excellent article by Ryan Griffis, the Gift(wrap)ing New Media (in an Authentic Chilkat Blanket) published in the Noema magazine. A very intelligent summary on the issues of networked culture, gift economy and contemporary art/activism, I would highly recommend to read it. Let me quote a small section of the text:

The problem, or rather my problem, is that this “gift economy” that exists in a fairly contained portion of a capital-based infrastructure is being rhetorically universalized. While I would usually respond, “What’s wrong with a universalized gift economy?”, it seems that this gift economy, though beneficial to many areas of independent research, production, and distribution, can also become a tool for marginalization and even suffocation of independent cultural forms.

I would also recommend to read the book Free Culture by Lawrence Lessing, it is available to download from the website. An interesting reading, indeed.

And again, if you missed the Subsol index arcicles, take your time and read trough some of them.


Recommended readings by peterfuchs
September 23, 2008, 11:45 am
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A Quote by Richard Barbrook

A Quote by Richard Barbrook

Currently I am digging myself into Raoul Vaneigem’s The Revolution of Everyday Life, an important work on the possibility of total self management and gift-economy. In the same time I also found some articles, like The High-Tech Gift Economy by Richard Barbrook, or Internet Gift Economies by Kylie Veale and in the same time, also browsing trough the Subsol index, which is a large collection of really interesting readings on art and economy related subjects, including: Self-Organizing Markets by Manuel de Landa, New Media Culture in the Age of the New Economy by Geert Lovink, and Some Thoughts on the Idea of “Hacker Culture” by Patrice Riemens.